Some Projects…

Here you will find some projects descriptions which I have worked with them.

- Business Development and Coporate Strategic Planning for Latin America (2018 – present)

Three main industries: Insurance, Banking & Payments and Telecommunications


  • Driving sucessful retention of existing customers for a large, enterprise software solution
  • Driving sucessful upselling on existing customers
  • Identifying new deal opportunities
  • Business Development

Regional Management & Corporate Strategy:

  • Lead of design, execution and delivery of the Go-to-Market strategy for Latin America
  • Identifying new trends, innovation drivers and demands of the (global) market
  • Building of an ecosystem of partners in the region
  • Key account managing

- Several software implementation consultancy projects in global insurance carriers and banks (2012-2018)

  • Functions: requirements analysis, business analysis, data modelling, interface design, technical configuration, databases administration, project management, delivery, training, support, incident management, international projects, international management, CRM.
  • Sector: Banking and Insurance

- Several Business Intelligence projects(2014-present)

  • Functions: Pre-sales activities, design, data modelling, ETL, consultancy, implementation
  • Sector: Banking and Insurance

- (2003-present)

  • Functions: Initial idea, design, development, deployment, administration, migration, phpBB and vBulletin frameworks implementation, events and community management and server administration.
  • Description: My second project born from a need of the Gamers community in Colombia. A website that reunites and can support the Gamers needs, such as discussion forums, news and content management (in that time the CMS solutions were not that popular as today), files section, events organization and competencies system (tournaments, ladders, etc).

This has been my main project until now, because I have developed and implemented all the features that have been needed. Therefore from Gamersco emerge several sub-projects that I will explain below.

  • In general, the technologies that I have been using in this site have been: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Perl, Python, Oracle, Java, Java script, AJAX, jQuery, Apache, Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) and the utilization of several Frameworks and different third-party scripts like vBulletin, phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin CMS and many others.

It led me also to the utilization of different software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Dreamweaver) and the installation of Linux web servers from zero.

 - Tournaments and competitions System (2003-present)

  • Functions: Design, development, deployment and several frameworks implementation.
  • Description: After the successful implementation of the bulletin board for the community’s discussions, it was necessary to develop a complete and customized system for managing the competences and tournaments, including a calendar, match report, match information, teams and individual user’s registration, communication with game servers, among others.
  • The technologies used are PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, Java, CSS and Ajax.

 - Game servers for ISP Platform (2005-2008)

  • Functions: Development and administration.
  • Description: In partnership with the ISP Telefonica Group Colombia, we have developed a complete Platform for Game Servers in order to give added value to their customers. It consisted in the administration of the Game Servers and the direct connection with statistics in a web site, awards and incentive for their customers, leading them to prizes. Also an innovative queue for requesting private game servers for temporal use, from the website.
  • The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, Java, CSS and Ajax.

 - – National LAN event in Colombia Organization and Planning (2004-2007)

  • Functions: Registration website development and administration.
  • Description: For the largest LAN event in Colombia, we have developed a complete registration site, featuring the remote authorization tool for login into the site with the credentials from different web communities in Colombia. For that moment, were not popular the tools for login to several websites from one account.
  • The technologies used were PHP,SSL, MySQL and HTML.

 - website (2007-2008)

  • Functions: Administration, improvement of current software, database administration.
  • Description: Bogota´s official web site administration, and improvement of the current software solution, bug fixing and database management, using frameworks like Joomla and own software called Portel.
  • The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML.

 - Campus Party TV (2008)

  • Functions: Administration and development of a streaming web page.
  • Description: Campus Party is a multinational event with presence in several countries in Latin America and Spain. We have made our own video streaming and the very first in Colombia for this event. It had a good reception from the participants and general public. We have mixed different video streaming providers and programming, for reliable a source of information in situ.
  • The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, CSS , HTML,, Ustream and AJAX.

 - Plus Membership system (August 2008 – May 2011)

  • Functions: Development of a award system for users and paid subscriptions.
  • Description: The largest IT community in Colombia, decided to give its users a ecommerce platform for receiving payments and assigning them automatically to their accounts in real time.
  • It involved at first a selection of membership, then a payment method selection and then the payment gateway implementation and development with a Colombian Provider and Paypal as well.
  • The technologies used were PHP, MySQL, CSS , HTML, SSL,, Paypal and SSL.

 -, online store (Sep 2011 onwards)

  • Functions: Implementation of a ecommerce solution for an online store and its integration with an ERP system.
  • Description: It is a online store in Colombia that currently is being developed. The search for a robust and scalable ecommerce solution as Magento, its integration with Payment Gateways available in Colombia and also its integration with an ERP solution that synchronizes automatically orders, catalog, products, customers and suppliers, and accounting in general.
  • The technologies used are PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, Python, PostgreSQL, Magento, OpenERP and the configuration of based Linux servers.

- (first website 2002-2003)

  • Functions: Design, development, deployment and Invision Board Framework implementation.
  • Description: It was my first project related to PHP and MySQL. There I have discovered the power and scalability of these two technologies, by the development of the website for a Gaming Community in Colombia. I have made the website from zero, experimenting with the Bulletin Board and always improving the website features by developing new “mods and hacks” made in PHP and HTML.

The website is currently managed by another person and it is different to the one I have developed. This was a own initiative project.